The state of alternative investments in wealth management

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To better understand the evolving role of alternative assets in today’s private wealth portfolios, CAIS and Mercer joined together to survey a select group of nearly 200 independent financial advisors, asset managers, and other industry professionals at the annual CAIS Alternative Investment Summit in mid-October 2022.

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We share key findings of the survey in this report, along with some ideas for financial advisors seeking to overcome common obstacles associated with alternative investments and structured solutions.

9 in 10

Nearly nine in 10 financial advisors (88%) intend to increase their allocations to alternative asset classes over the next two years.


89% of alternative asset managers and other financial professionals said that accessing the private wealth channel has become a greater priority for their firm in the last two years.


85% of financial advisors said that their clients were now more interested in a mix of either new products, new structures or both, compared with six months previously.

Top challenges

Lack of liquidity, high levels of administration and paperwork and concerns around due diligence were selected as the top challenges for financial advisors in allocating to alternative asset classes.

For more information, read the press release from CAIS and Mercer.

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